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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

21. Changing schools for sporting events

In the middle of the festivities and good wishes for another year, it was unveiled the final list of schools to be closed in the city. A total of 54 schools with many students,  parents and teachers whom only have the promise that will be relocated in other schools.
New York city  and Philadelphia joined in the implementation of economic measures in benefit of education and childhood, which means that also these city  will be closing schools. Interestingly, at the same time Chicago announced the project to build a new baseball stadium and a second nomination be hosting the Olympic Games, and please,  don't take me wrong my idea... is I am not against sports, because they are an example of human courage and triumph, but when you spend millions of dollars on a sports complex and education is denied... It’s wonderful! Let’s say this projects will give many jobs.

From all these jobs only 1 child from every million with poor social conditions during childhood, will win millionaire contracts, due to the luck of a talent unique to throw the ball or get goals, only one will be  lucky of having parents who will support and wait for years until one day their dreams will  become reality: shine in a stadium full of fans, leading his team to the glory and signing thousands of autographs, avoiding photographers and having an enviable life. 

How many Gabby Douglas does live the Olympic dream?, how many mothers would leave everything to provide that support?, how many parents  would give more importance to the sport than to school?. Usually when we come running after having gotten a goal in an empty area with no one else m around and say to all lung: I want be futball player!, the answer is: shut up and get to studying!. who wants a football player?, lawyers and doctors earn more, you can not dedicate yourself to vague!.

No doubt the Governors projects have good intentions, since there will be many new jobs for all those "have the opportunity of an academic life", there will be jobs for those who build sports complexes, who sell tickets, those who take charge of security, and no doubt others will sell beer and donuts during the games. 

However, I need to rub my eyes to avoid seeing  Jose and Mita applying for those jobs. Why do they need to survive to so much tension with exams if they are going to finish  in the long lists of unemployed?.

I refuse to think that the education system can not have other operating mechanisms, Why do we need to  pay so much money to those who design tests?, why do we need to pay meetings in exclusive hotels for higher level directors?, perhaps they not can think in an Office or in the same classroom where children have to listen to endless litanies?.

I guess  I begin to sound depressed... I was one of many who sought to thousand and one pitfalls to passing the exams, and so far I cannot say that knowledge is necessary to me. 

I think is time for a chat with Gaby as I start to believe something shady there is in all this. Although it seems that everyone is happy because our Hockey team won the Stanley Cup... maybe it would be nice to celebrate those few who found the way to make from sport a successful way of life, and if you asked them, I would surely tell anyone of them has needed to answer tests and listened to teachers, their talent was elsewhere...

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