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Friday, April 25, 2014

30. Seeding ideas

When I arrived to my guru’s house to tell her about my minute of fame front of the cameras, I found her occupied with her jars full of seeds and several photographs, it seemed that she was trying to recognize plants, but when I stood front her, still without looking at me, she told me I looked good in the camera and she sees with  pleasure that there was a slight awareness on the subject of evaluations. 

I know that I wanted to tell her about my experience and I heard exactly what it wanted, but I was intrigued with all the attention that she was putting on those seeds, and then her photographs. Over time I have learned that she has the ability to divide her attention, so although it seems that she is not paying attention to you, she understand very clear what I say, I hear, even when it looks like she has eyes and ears in something else.

What are you looking at?, Finally I asked her,  are you planning to do genetic crosses?

 She replied me with a smile, and by very first time in the last 15 minutes she puts her eyes on me.

-  No, nothing like that!, I'm looking at something intriguing. If I tell you that winter has been more raw this time, what would you expect about the growth of plants?

I thought her question carefully, although I knew what was coming would be a great learning. 

I think I would say that there will be a delay in the outbreak of the plants during the spring.

  -Yes, I thought the same, but if I look at my pictures of previous years, the plants re-born in the same order and I can say that under the same date of the calendar every  year. The last two winters were very benign. Last year, specialists assumed that some plants do not reach to sprout, because the heat arrived too soon, however  they sprang up without problems, but this year, although winter has been brutal, all of them follow the same pattern of growth.

It means that the temperature is not important?

-       That seems, at least so far, but no doubt many more observations are needed. My plants always come with a couple of weeks of delay compared to others  of the same species that are located where they can receive better the Sun. So the Sun is a factor, but not the temperature in terms of fluctuations.

They are like children, follow a pattern of development unless the environment is not the most suitable.

  -Exact, I could not do better analogy!
I guess that’s why children who seems to have a learning problem, if there are some adjustments in the environment are capable to attain their objectives.

  -Yes, environment adjustment!

Yes, that what I have observed. Do you remember Ann? She is  the little girl you helped me because she couldn’t speak well?

  -How could I forget about her?, I hope that you have fun a lot of fun learning new vocal movements!

Actually we did!, all of us have had so much fun helping her to recognize the movements of her lips and listening to us when we began to speak slowly. 

Well, she comes to my mind because she couldn't talk, and we assumed that she was going to fail  trying to learn, but it seems environment works with children like with your plants, when we gave them the opportunity, she showed her talent, and the atmosphere was important to achieving this progress because we leave hoping  that she speaks as anybody else and started to realize all of importance of making the correct movements with her lips. Her environment became friendly and she gave herself the opportunity to try.

  -Like plants, when they have the correct variables, began to bloom!
Yes, so I see it... I think what you are trying to teach me today is that the environment is important, even if it appears we bloom later than others, the environment is important.
 -Yes!, although I had no intention to  give you a lesson today... I have still so much to learn of my plants and environment, but without a doubt, I believe that we can reach that conclusion, at least for now. 

If parents can change the environment in which evaluations are conducted, perhaps we can get an improvement in children's learning, because the tests cause great stress, even just to mention the word “test” causes panic to all of us.

  -I hope that one day, you and I are able to see that in education, but I think that is still very far away.

When I walked toward my house, I looked carefully all the plants blooming, earlier the flowers emerge, makes shines everything and I felt amazed about the relationship we have with the rest of the nature.