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Thursday, October 11, 2012

7. Children are more than words in a book

I did some educational practices that pushed into classrooms while I was a student, but the feeling of being front a group is something quite different, it‘s an indescribable responsibility. the eyes of children when they entered to the classroom made me wish to run away, but an innocent question convinced me it was worth to try: are you we going to teach us to read more than tales?.

More than tales?... Didn’t they know all my problems to read their names?.

I started asking them to choose a card and writing their names on it, and placed it on their chest where everyone could see it. They were fascinated just like me by the colors. It seemed as if they were seeing by first time the mountains of Colorado or an Iphone. I asked to tell one by one their names and their favorite song. We spent the first two hours between new sounds and many laughs. I was kid again!.

During the lunch recess, children were proud showing their cards to other children, I look at them with some sense of pride until I was interrupted by the director and the school psychologist: “what is it?”, psychologist asked me. The question seemed silly but completely relaxed I told her that they were colorful cards in which the children had written their names. The Director looked at me and I could clearly feel as her eyes were piercing in mine, and said in a loud voice, as if she were talking to her phone: “I thought it had become clear that this is not a school in which the differences are allowed. Colors cards are prohibited, you may use cards of the same color, but do not make differences between children”.

I could not believe it, but I kept calm, and answered her as if I knew what he was talking about: there would be discrimination if not all children would have cards, but all of them chose the card they wanted and they all have one. If you want one, I can give you one. That was the first time that I understood why sometimes simple things become complex.

Both professionals of education began to walk, and without looking at me the Director said almost in a shout: “I will be waiting for you this afternoon in my office”.

When we returned to our classroom, a girl gave me a candy: "I kept it for you" she told me with a peaceful innocence. I took it as if it was the key of a Lamborghini, and I could only say thank you.

During the last hour, almost I could pronounce all the names, there were only two Latin children whose names were riddled with Rs that could not speak clearly, but I decided that before the end of the week I would have everything under control. Finally, there is nothing more meaningful to someone call you by our own name.

At the end of the class, I looked at the bare walls of our classroom and I thought it would be good to have a little color, but I remembered that the Director wanted to see me. Perhaps I should you request permission to decorate it?. It saddened me a little that children felt well with me during our first day and a couple of weeks the Director could ask me to leave.

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